Business management: Improvise, adapt and overcome

Improvise, adapt and overcome…

Its the maxim of the US Marines, and its since been adopted by people from all walks of life.

Being in business requires belief, tenacity, and passion.

But the very qualities that make for a success can also be a weaknesses.

On a recent Criminal Minds episode they said there are many similarities between the psychopath’s profile and that of an business person, they are both prone to:

  • Narcissism;
  • A lack of remorse;
  • A grandiose sense of self-importance; and
  • Deceptiveness

This means that business people can be isolated from the reality they face.  Things may not be going well but a combination of belief, tenacity and passion could lead to self-deception.

Alternatively circumstances beyond your control, natural disaster, a global financial crisis, or sickness can put you or your firm in extreme adversity.  If the idea isn’t working, if things aren’t going well, then acknowledge it, improvise, adapt and overcome.

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