5 ways to maximize your marketing

Sales is the activity carried out during the moment a product or service is being purchased.

Marketing is the activity carried out before the sale which leads to a purchase and the activity after the sale that convinces customers to buy again.

In tough economic times, now is the time to make your marketing efforts count.  Here’s five ways to maximize your marketing:

  1. Make yourself standout:  What does your product or service stand for?  Is the idea distinct, clear and easily understood?  How many people know about it?  Does your message match market perception?  Is the idea consistent across all your marketing collateral?
  2. Promote yourself:  In tough times, it’s tempting to reduce activity to cut costs.  Ironically, it’s during these times that your advertising and other promotional activities might stand out the most, while everyone else is going quiet.
  3. Maintain communication:  Keep in touch with your customers.  Organise regular activities to maintain engagement.  Have a special of the month.  Write a newsletter.  What’s appropriate will be specific to your industry.  But the point is, engage with your market.
  4. Manage the performance of your marketing:  Do you measure market share, customer satisfaction?  How do you know whether or not it’s improving or weakening?  What your customers will tell anonymously to a third person might be different to what they tell you.
  5. Use a marketing dashboard:  Marketing is such a woolly thing to manage.  How can you make it more understandable?  You can break it up into measurable components:  How does your company score on Reliability, Assurance, Presentation, Responsiveness, and Empathy?  How many people are aware of your product or service? How many would recommend your product or service?

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