Do you want to grow?

garden_wateringWe recently came across this provocative thought by Mike Ashby

Actually it’s one of the things that surprised me in this business. I had thought that most, if not all business owners, would want to grow their businesses. But I’ve learned most do not want to grow beyond a certain point. In fact I tell people it’s a 1% play: 10% of small business owners might want growth but only 1% are prepared to do anything about it. Many small business owners are happy to keep it small. For them, small thinking is not a mistake, it’s a choice. It means they can maintain the illusion of control. They can avoid challenge and risk. They get to keep things safe. They won’t die wondering whether they could have made something of their business (and themselves) because they don’t wonder about it now.

It’s another symptom of risk aversion.

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