Business Strategy

We believe that winning strategies are born from killer tactics.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a Sardinian artillery sergeant in the French army.  In his day, artillery was heavy and difficult to move.  He discovered that if he could have mobile artillery he could move it to concentrate its fire on a key part of the battlefield as required.

The rest of the strategy was logistics to allow the tactic to work effectively on the battlefield.  Cannon with lighter designs were procured, larger wheels were fitted to better traverse mud, artillery divisions were given horse and horse handlers.  He needed good messengers to redirect fire during the battle.  Lots and lots of training so that they could all operate amidst the cacophony and chaos of battle.

With this strategy born from the simple idea of focusing artillery fire during a battle, he took Europe.

In the 1930s Nazi Germany perfected the idea of coordinating both highly mobile mechanized infantry, armor and air forces in battle.   With these new tactics came new logistics.  The new Divisions required were recombined with a mix of armor and mechanized infantry.  These new divisions needed new logistics systems to fuel and maintain their vehicles and equipment.  Training was needed to improve communications  and coordination between different forces.

We in Kan & Company Ltd have evaluated many business models and strategies over the years, we believe in winning strategies based on killer coal-face tactics that win sales which are supported by great logistics.

Despite his success, even Napolean got predictable.  Is your Marketing looking stale or missing the target?  Has your sales growth flattened out?  Is your firm ready for its next phase of growth?

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In respect of the Art of War, we have: firstly, Measurement; secondly, Estimation of quantity; thirdly, Calculation; fourthly, Balancing of chances; fifthly, Victory.  Sun Tzu, circa 500 BC.