Why haven’t our sales grown as they should?  Do we really understand what our customers are looking for?   Where are the bottlenecks in our company and how can we clear them?  Our finance and accounting function isn’t performing, what should we do?  We’ve got cash flow problems, how can we work our way out of this?  We think we could grow by buying other companies, where do we start?

Since 1997, Kan & Company (KCL) has been answering questions like these.  We have lead managed initial public offers, advised clients on acquiring other companies, buying out partners and fellow shareholders, advised on the development of technology companies, valued companies, carried out due diligence investigations overseas, carried out market research, managed finance departments and along the way raised over $90m of debt and equity capital.  We’ve helped start up technologists, manufacturers, meat trading companies, software development companies, and infrastructure companies.

Kan & Company is a business and corporate advisor with particular expertise and experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance, marketing and strategic planning.  If you sense, that your company is ready for change and you’re unhappy with the status quo, contact us, let’s talk.