Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you thinking about growing your company by acquiring others?  Would you like to gain greater control of your company by buying out your fellow shareholders?  Are you being disproportionately rewarded for the amount of work you are doing compared to your partners?  Have you started turning your mind toward how you can free up your wealth as part of transitioning into retirement?  Are you ready to sell up so that you can move onto your next project?  Would your company benefit from being a subsidiary of a larger, better resourced parent?  How will your company enter its next stage of growth?

For many years we have been helping companies solve these problems, by providing independent valuations, acting as an intermediary between both sides of a transaction, advising whether or not an offer makes sense against a firm’s strategy and relationship with the other party, raising capital to support a transaction, assisting with fashioning shareholder agreements, developing strategy,  project managing and marketing asset sales.

If these are the problems you need solving, call us, let’s talk.